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Rodynna Kovbaska operates on the principle of a closed loop of production. We start our production circle on farms producing crops, move through animal farms and meat processing and finish it in food retail and delivery.


TM of Barkom Company


164Food retail stores

8000 hectaresLand bank

900 MTMeat processed monthly

Food Processing

For over two decades, Rodynna Kovbaska has maintained commitment to quality, producing our entire range of meat, sausage and baked goods at our own facilities in Ukraine (Lviv region). 
Every product, from our sausages to our freshly baked bread, is made with care, ensuring that only the best food reaches our stores and subsequently your table.


Food Retail

Since its foundation, Rodynna Kovbaska has developed a food retail chain of 164 stores across 60 cities in Ukraine as of 2023. 
Every morning we deliver fresh products to our stores, ensuring that customers all over the country can savor our freshly produced meat, sausage and bakery items.

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Agriculture and Farming

The essence of our products starts from the ground up. On our own lands we cultivate feed for our livestock and grow wheat that eventually turns into flour for our bakery.
Our farm-to-table approach ensures a closed production cycle: from nurturing livestock on our farms to processing the high-quality meat and sausage products, and from growing wheat to baking it into delicious bread.

This is Rodynna Kovbaska's commitment to freshness, authenticity and quality.


Online Shopping with Rodynna Kovbaska

Discover the convenience of online shopping with Rodynna Kovbaska. From the freshness of our meats to the rich flavors of our sausages, everything you love about our products is now available at your fingertips.

Whether you're looking for grill essentials, delightful bakery items, dairy products, or even non-food essentials, our online store is stocked with a wide selection to satisfy all your needs.


Our export department is always ready to process your inquiries and make you a quote.

Maryna Haman

Head of export department

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Volodymyr Hurko

Export Manager                                 

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Sales department adress

    Ukraine, Lviv, Heroiv UPA str., 73

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